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Update: Serendipity & BA Digest (Additional Free Resources)

Thanks for being a follower of my blog. It suddenly occurred to me that some people who follow my blog might not be on my main mailing list, and you might be wondering why my blog has been a little quieter than usual.

There’s a couple of really exciting initiatives that I am keen to tell you about: a free conference and a free quarterly PDF magazine. I hope that you find them useful!

Serendipity: A FREE half-day conference

Firstly, I’m very excited to be co-chair of a FREE half-day multi-disciplinary conference that is taking place on the 15th July. Serendipity Festival focusses on business analysis, business change, project management and much, much more. There are over 30 speakers, and there will be lots of networking opportunities too. Check out the short video below, and then find out more and register at

BA Digest: A FREE Quarterly PDF Magazine

Also, I edit a quarterly PDF magazine which is aimed at the business analysis and business change community. You can access the Q2 edition here. You don’t need to register, you can just click through and either view it online or download the PDF.

BA Digest 2021 Q2 Magazine Cover

The Q3 edition will be released on the 5th June. To make sure you get your copy, be sure to sign up to the BA Digest mailing list.

Stay In Touch

I really appreciate you following my blog, and I hope that you find my articles interesting. I’d love to stay in touch more frequently, and send you details of events, webinars and resources such as the ones listed above. If you’d like me to do that, you can sign up here. I usually send one or two e-mails a month.

Thanks again for being a reader of my blog. Until next time,


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