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BA Speaking & Conferences

I am Director and Principal Consultant at Blackmetric Business Solutions Limited.  I am available to speak at conferences and events on topics relating to Business Analysis and Business Change.

To discuss your needs further, please contact me on +44(0)23 9298 4546, or e-mail me using a contact form.

Previous topics and clients/conferences have included:

  • Building Business Capability 2019
  • BA*World Toronto 2019
  • BA Conference Europe 2019
  • European BA Day 2019, Frankfurt
  • BA Summit Southern Africa 2019
  • Various IIBA Events across the UK 
  • Isle of Man BA Network event 2019
  • Guernsey GTA Event 2019
  • BA & Beyond, Brussels, 2019
  • Business Change & Transformation Conference, London, 2019
  • Building Business Capability 2018
  • BA Summit Southern Africa 2018
  • BA & Beyond, Brussels, 2018
  • BA Conference Europe 2018
  • Cambridge BA Community Event 2018
  • BA Camp, Vienna, 2018
  • Minneapolis & St Paul Professional Development Day 2018
  • Balkan Business Analysis Conference 2018
  • Innovation & Business Change Conference 2018
  • Business Change & Transformation Conference, London, 2018
  • JCI National Convention 2017
  • Wisconsin Business Analysis Development Day 2017
  • BA Summit Southern Africa 2017
  • Building Business Capability 2017
  • BA Conference Europe 2017
  • Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management Conference 2016
  • BA Conference Europe 2016
  • Building Business Capability Conference 2016
  • Building Business Capability 2015, Las Vegas “Strategic Business Analysis: Identifying the Business Need Before the Project Starts” and “Strategy: The Elephant in the Room”
  • BA Conference Europe 2015 “Strategy: The Elephant in the Room”
  • Advanced Business Approaches 2015, Slovenia “The role of Strategy in Change: An organisational compass”
  • UCISA PCMG15  2015 “The dark arts of business analysis”
  • Building Business Capability 2014, Miami “The indispensable BA and the surprising truth: You work in sales!”
  • BA Conference Europe 2014 “The indispensable BA and the surprising truth: You work in sales!”
  • PAMS Summit 2014, Krakow, Afternoon Keynote “Avoiding the dark, dead-ended rabbit holes: The importance of BA and PM collaboration before a project is initiated.”
  • BA Camp 2014, Vienna, Opening Keynote “Promoting the value of the BA role”
  • Intel BA Web 2014 “Avoiding the Solution Illusion”
  • BSC2013 Latvia, Opening Keynote “Helping stakeholders to take a step back and avoid the solution illusion”
  • Charity IT Leaders’ Forum: “The ‘Dark Arts’ of Business Analysis”
  •  BA Conference Europe, 2013 “Avoid the Dark, Dead-Ended Rabbit Holes: A Thin Slice of Problem Analysis”
  • Financial Services Client “Promoting the value of Business Analysis” – A 50 minute presentation designed to engage & inspire the audience whilst showing the “art of the possible” and what the BA role could and should be.
  • Franklin-Hackett ‘Mindsets to maximise your performance Conference 2013’
  • UNICOM Business Analysis Conference 2013 “Avoiding the ‘Solution Illusion’: A Thin Slice of Problem Analysis”
  • Virgin Media – “Promoting the value of the BA team” – A 1 hour presentation designed to provide the audience with concrete tips, tools and techniques on how they can communicate the value of Business Analysis to their stakeholders.
  • High-Tech Client, Cambridge – Keynote speech at internal BA conference – A 1 hour keynote presentation followed by an interactive brainstorming session with syndicate groups
  • UNICOM Building Business Capabilities with Business Analysis Conference, 2012 conference chair. I chaired the conference, and gave a presentation on the value that good quality business analysis can add.
  • Business Analysis Conference Europe, 2012 – “From Scepticism to Advocacy: Proving the value of the BA role”
  • ReqLabs 2012 (Kyiv, Ukraine)  “Enterprise Analysis: The importance of the ‘Why’ and the ‘What“. – A 45 minute presentation introducing concrete techniques that can be used to understand a business problem
  • Analyst Days (Minsk, Belarus) – A 45 minute presentation showing when and where business analysis is useful on projects, and discussing how to convince sceptical stakeholders. Followed by co-running a half-day training workshop focussing on business analysis early in the project lifecycle.
  • Business Analysis Conference Europe 2011 – “Business engagement on technical IT projects” – a 50 minute presentation giving a case study and providing the audience with tips on how to engage business stakeholders
  • ReqLabs conference Kiev, Ukraine 2011: “Stakeholder Engagement : Delivering Projects in the face of adversity”
  • Business Analysis Conference Europe  2010 – “BA function, IT or business change?” – I co-presented a 50 minute presentation discussing whether the BA function should sit with IT, or with the business.
  • 2011 IIBA New York City Chapter Meeting-  “Making a difference in change projects : The expanding BA role”
  • 2011 IIBA Washington DC Chapter Meeting- “Making a difference in change projects : The expanding BA role”
  • 2011 IIBA New Jersey Chapter Meeting – “Stakeholder Engagement : Delivering projects in the face of adversity”
  • 2011 IIBA Baltimore Chapter Meeting- “Stakeholder Engagement : Delivering projects in the face of adversity”
  • JCI Portsmouth – “Speaking on your feet” – Public speaking workshop

Upcoming speaking engagements include:

  • Running an event and need a speaker? Call me!


Adrian Reed Speaking
Adrian Reed Speaking at the BA Conference Europe 2011
Adrian Reed speaking
Adrian Reed speaking at IIBA event