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What is a BA?

You may not have heard of a “Business Analyst” before.

Business Analysis is a broad profession which helps facilitate the delivery of valuable change.  BAs help stakeholders to think holistically, to investigate problems, understand opportunities, threats and constraints and to progress valuable change.    They help organisations to find problems or opportunities and understand the root causes of those problems and then help them define and design interventions that will solve the problems (or leverage the opportunities).

The discipline of Business Analysis adds value throughout the business change lifecycle, from pre-project problem and strategy analysis, right through to benefits realisation.   In fact, a good BA can help shape the change strategy so that you know which projects to choose.

Business Analysis isn’t just about projects.  BAs are frequently involved pre-project; and some BAs work in environments where ‘projects’ don’t exist at all (perhaps working in a business-as-usual environment helping businesses to continually optimise their processes).

BAs work with key stakeholders to make sure that projects are feasible, and they help to determine what solution options are available.   They work with the business to understand the business requirements and make sure that the end deliverable will be fit for purpose.   They design and re-engineer business processes.  And much more!

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