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A Favour: Could You Help With My MSc Research?

  • Adrian Reed 
  • 2 min read
Adrian Reed

I hope you’re keeping well, and that you’re enjoying my blog. In a change from my usual ‘blog’ style, I have a favour to ask… 🙂

In my ‘spare time’, I’ve been studying towards an MSc and I’m currently focussing my research on goals and expectations of stakeholders around BA conferences in the UK.

My preliminary research will be driven by a questionnaire to identify ‘themes’, which I’ll then follow up with semi-structured interviews and possibly a focus group. I wondered whether you might be able to help out by finding the time to fill in the questionnaire (it ought to take around 15 mins)?

The questionnaire is aimed at BA practitioners/BA managers of any type. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve ever been to a BA conference in the UK or not, either way your views will be really valuable.

Here’s the link.

The survey is completely anonymous, unless you (optionally) provide your details at the end.

I ideally need all the responses back by Friday 24th Jan (a tight deadline, I know…. the joys of being a part time student!)

Thanks in advance, and I hope to catch up soon,

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