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BA Conference Europe 2013 – See you there?

I’m really excited to announce I’ll be speaking at the BA Conference Europe 2013.  My presentation is entitled “Avoid the dark, dead-ended rabbit holes: A thin slice of Problem Analysis and it covers the challenges that we sometimes face as BAs in understanding why a project is necessary in the first place!


Adrian speaking at the BA Conference Europe 2011


The conference is always a highlight of my year, as it provides a real melting pot of ideas.  It’s a great place to meet other BAs and exchange knowledge. There are fantastic presentations from real-world practitioners, and there’s also the opportunity to relax and chat over a beer (or two) after the conference has closed.  If you haven’t been before, I’d highly recommend taking a look.


The conference is being held in London, from 23 – 25 September. You can find full details of the conference here:


And if you’re on Twitter, you can keep tabs on the preparations for the conference (and the conference itself) using the #BA2013 hasthag.


I hope to see you there…




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