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Cast the Net Wider to Build Quality into Projects

Green fishing net

I’m pleased to say that one of my recent blog articles has been published on “”, where I have contributed as a guest author. I’d love to hear what you think, so please take a look and add a comment on the site.

A short excerpt is shown below:



Green fishing netIn his recent article “What You See Depends Upon Where You Look,” Steve at describes how change agents can often get different views on whether there is support for their initiatives depending on where they look.


For example, asking individual direct customers whether they support a project to change the billing procedure may yield different results compared with asking the sales team. Both of these scenarios might yield different results from holding a focus group, where customers are interviewed in a group.


It’s important to find a strategic path that takes into account valid individual views and concerns as well as considering the bigger picture. This is certainly true, and while reading Steve’s article, it struck me that there is a direct parallel relevance for those carrying out business analysis on projects too. The stakeholder landscape on projects can be extremely complicated, with dispersed stakeholder groups potentially spread all over the world. In fact, sometimes there might be a few political landmines too, which are best avoided.


As well as having different attitudes towards the project or change that is being pursued, stakeholders will also have different views over what should be included in the scope of the project. They are also likely to have differing views over what requirements need to be included, the priority of those requirements, and perhaps even which solutions would be acceptable.


This reinforces the need to cast the net wide early on in projects…


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