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Make Your Requirements Atomic!

Atomic symbol in book

I’m pleased to say that my most recent blog article has been published on “”, where I have contributed as a guest author. I’d love to hear what you think, so please take a look and add a comment on the site.


Atomic symbol in bookExcerpt:

“I have to admit that I have a rather eclectic music collection, with tracks covering almost every conceivable genre. Every time I hit the “Shuffle” button on my MP3 player, there’s a tense moment of jeopardy.


Will the next track be by an epic rock legend, or will it be a remix of some trashy 90′s pop song? The mystery is part of the fun!


After hitting the “shuffle” button this morning I was rewarded with the excellent 80’s track, “Atomic” by Blondie.  In a moment of lateral thinking, this 80’s new-wave song prompted me to think about requirements, and specifically about requirements quality.  Let me explain…


Good quality requirements have a number of characteristics.Many authors have produced guidance around requirements quality, and as an example…”


Click on the link below to read the rest of the article:

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