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#ExpertSysChat Tweet Chat

I recently participated in the #ExpertSysChat Tweet Chat on “Integrated Systems & Virtualization for Midsize Businesses” which took place on Monday August 20th 

I’ve posted the ‘edited highlights’ of the TweetChat below – take a look! If you’re interested in seeing the full transcript, check out the Expert Integrated Systems Blog.


pgillin Q1: What ROI benefits does @IBMPureSystems deliver beyond more computing power? #expertsyschat -7:01 PM Aug 20th, 2012

JohnBorkenhagen A1 The integration of server, storage, and network along with simplified management lowers the ROI#expertsyschat -7:05 PM Aug 20th, 2012

franzd What happens if the systems and architecture change, how is that updated? #expertsyschat -7:06 PM Aug 20th, 2012

 @franzd It has been architected with flexibility to support roadmaps for the next 10 years #xch12 #expertsyschat-7:10 PM Aug 20th, 2012


UKAdrianReed A1. I think business agility is important. Speed to market is a key differentiator and can magnify ROI.#expertsyschat -7:07 PM Aug 20th, 2012


qPerf @UKAdrianReed Agreed, if you can stand up an application in minutes vs. days or weeks, there is much value #expertsyschat-7:09 PM Aug 20th, 2012


louisebishop08 A1 IBM Sys Networking delivers 50% more network uplink bandwidth for Pure Sys at 30% lower list price cost than competitors. #expertsyschat -7:10 PM Aug 20th, 2012


DexterSCharles Getting support is easier. With #PureSystems you have on support contact for all the components. #Expertsyschat-7:10 PM Aug 20th, 2012


qPerf A1 Higher density with shared services on cloud (elastic routing, caching, monitoring, etc) #expertsyschat -7:13 PM Aug 20th, 2012


heidijod a1 integrated sys mgmt with OS flexibility, hypervisor choice, 1000s of apps provide bus benefits leading to ROI #xch12#expertsyschat -7:14 PM Aug 20th, 2012


JohnBorkenhagen @franzd The “roadmaps” in my previous answer refers to both processor/memory/networking/storage and emerging technologies #expertsyschat -7:14 PM Aug 20th, 2012


DexterSCharles A1. You know everything is fully tested & all firmware is at the right levels. Taking away the headache of doing it yourself #Expertsyschat -7:17 PM Aug 20th, 2012

pgillin Q2: Aren’t expert integrated systems too complex for midsize businesses to implement? #expertsyschat -7:15 PM Aug 20th, 2012


cotdp A2: You mean more complex than a bunch of underpaid/undervalued staff rolling their own solution? :o)#ExpertSysChat -7:16 PM Aug 20th, 2012


qPerf A2: Another option is public cloud, which assumes you are okay with putting data offsite #expertsyschat -7:17 PM Aug 20th, 2012


heidijod A2: MM clients want integrated solutions. PureSystems masks the complexity… #expertsyschat -7:18 PM Aug 20th, 2012


heidijod A2…allowing midsize cos to focus on their business vs. underlying technology #expertsyschat -7:19 PM Aug 20th, 2012


JohnBorkenhagen A2: The real value of expert integrated systems (Pure Systems) is simplification – an ideal solution for mid market#xch12 #expertsyschat -7:19 PM Aug 20th, 2012


cotdp A2: With expert integrated system, you are buying the expertise not necessarily just a system #ExpertSysChat -7:20 PM Aug 20th, 2012

DexterSCharles Q2 Expert Integrated Systems, like #PureSystemsis a turn key solution. Solution comes with install services.#Expertsyschat -7:20 PM Aug 20th, 2012

DavidJKay #expertsyschat A2. A smaller business likely has fewer silos to bridge. Processes can be redfined quicker maybe. Less legacy conflict. -7:22 PM Aug 20th, 2012


UKAdrianReed A2 – So many IT projects end up over budget & late due to unexpected complexity. Simpler IT lifecycle = better!#expertsyschat -7:25 PM Aug 20th, 2012


pgillin Q3: What common concerns do midsize businesses have when considering virtualization? #XCH12 #expertsyschat -7:23 PM Aug 20th, 2012

qPerf A3: Reuse and resource sharing #expertsyschat -7:26 PM Aug 20th, 2012


cotdp A3: Vendor lock-in, confusion about hybrid cloud, usual concerns! Freely available options look deceptively easy (OpenStack) #expertsyschat -7:26 PM Aug 20th, 2012


heidijod A3: security, system management, cost management to name a few #xch12 #expertsyschat -7:27 PM Aug 20th, 2012


louisebishop08 …A3 So midsized business don’t have to! Also support multiple hypervisors: VMware, HyperV, Citrix, POWER VM, etc.#xch12 #expertsyschat -7:29 PM Aug 20th, 2012

JohnBorkenhagen A3: Puresystems is based on open standards and supports multiple OSs, hypervisors, and servers – avoiding vendor lock in #expertsyschat -7:30 PM Aug 20th, 2012


DexterSCharles A3 I think deciding on VMware, Unix, or Linux and what to standardize on, with #PureSystems you can use all 3#Expertsyschat -7:31 PM Aug 20th, 2012


cotdp @JohnBorkenhagen Its ludicrous to try and force everyone down your bespoke platform.. the future is about interoperability#expertsyschat -7:31 PM Aug 20th, 2012


louisebishop08 A3 IBM Sys Net AUTOMATICALLY tracks, manages moves Virtual Machine Network Settings as they move around the network… #xch12 #expertsyschat -7:32 PM Aug 20th, 2012


pgillin Q4: How can virtualization help with the cost and complexity of infrastructure management? #XCH12 #expertsyschat-7:34 PM Aug 20th, 2012


cotdp @hammnick I think I agree, [Open|Cloud]Stack certainly cloud the “free” options, they’re hella complex to manage yourself#expertsyschat -7:35 PM Aug 20th, 2012


qPerf @cotdp I have also seen a lot of communication breakdown between operations vs. developer silos #expertsyschat -7:35 PM Aug 20th, 2012


louisebishop08 @cotdp I think one failing is the operational and staffing costs to support – because of complexity #expertsyschat-7:35 PM Aug 20th, 2012


hammnick @cotdp The fact that you have to manage anything at all is a major disadvantage #expertsyschat -7:36 PM Aug 20th, 2012


JohnBorkenhagen A4: Virtualization simplifies management and enables better resource utilization, you don’t pay for a lot of unused resources #expertsyschat -7:36 PM Aug 20th, 2012


cotdp A4: Its all about time to market if IT can forecast demand and have tin racked and ready to go, your talking days not months#expertsyschat -7:36 PM Aug 20th, 2012


DexterSCharles A4 With virtualization you reduce your server footprint creating pools of resources and this reduces your infrastructure cost #Expertsyschat -7:37 PM Aug 20th, 2012


cotdp @qPerf Exactly, dev’s have probably played with Heroku, or Amazon, and have high expectations #expertsyschat -7:37 PM Aug 20th, 2012


cotdp @louisebishop08 true, it is a leap to go from managing tin on Raritan KVM’s to something like VMware or OpenStack#expertsyschat -7:38 PM Aug 20th, 2012


heidijod @franzd..and PureSystems includes patterns of expertise from apps and workloads enabling admins to better sense and respond #expertsyschat -7:43 PM Aug 20th, 2012


qPerf @JohnBorkenhagen virtualization also enables app patterns to be quickly cloned to scale up capacity #expertsyschat -7:43 PM Aug 20th, 2012


pgillin Q5: What are some essential requirements for simplifying a data center at a midsize biz? #XCH12 #expertsyschat -7:47 PM Aug 20th, 2012

cotdp A5: Self-service provisioning for a start, beats 2-week long ticket queues for getting new instances #expertsyschat -7:50 PM Aug 20th, 2012


DexterSCharles Q5 Virtualization, Agility, Flexibility, Reliability, Scalability. Just to name a few. #PureSystems addresses all these… #Expertsyschat -7:51 PM Aug 20th, 2012


JohnBorkenhagen A5: Provide pre-integration to simplify deployment and simplified management so admin can focus on important decisions. #expertsyschat -7:52 PM Aug 20th, 2012


JohnBorkenhagen A5 Pure flex standard and enterprise models include Smart Cloud Entry with four mouse clicks to deploy applications – simple #expertsyschat -7:54 PM Aug 20th, 2012


pgillin Q6: #IBM says @IBMPureSystems is designed ‘with cloud in mind.’ What exactly does that mean? #XCH12 #expertsyschat -7:54 PM Aug 20th, 2012


cotdp A6: I’m hoping it refers to being compatible to foreign VM images? #expertsyschat -7:55 PM Aug 20th, 2012


ibmsysxblade RT @JohnBorkenhagen@franzd Yes, absolutely. The dashboard provides measurements which can be used to drive new patterns #expertsyschat -7:56 PM Aug 20th, 2012


cotdp A6: Nobody wants the pain of transferring VMware/OpenStack/AMI’s to a new system manually .. interoperability is key! #expertsyschat -7:58 PM Aug 20th, 2012


JohnBorkenhagen A6: Pure Systems integrates servers, networking, storage, and virtualization for simplified cloud deployments, incl SMB size #expertsyschat -7:59 PM Aug 20th, 2012



This post was written as part of the IBM for Midsize Business program, which provides midsize businesses with the tools, expertise and solutions they need to become engines of a smarter planet.

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