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Five ways to break the “no experience = no BA job” vicious cycle

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I’m pleased to say that my most recent blog article has been published on “”, where I have contributed as a guest author. I’d love to hear what you think, so please take a look and add a comment on the site.



“If you’re an aspiring Business Analyst who hasn’t yet attained your first BA role, life can seem complicated.  The majority of BA roles ask for previous experience, and you might find yourself caught in a familiar feedback loop:

Confused man with green question mark above his head -

“Without previous experience, employers won’t consider me for a BA job.”

“Without a BA job, I can’t get experience.”

There are very few truly entry level jobs in the BA world, and many job specification ask for 3, 5 or even 10 years of experience.  When entry-level jobs do crop up, competition is extremely fierce.

So how can you turn the odds in your favour, and secure your first BA position?

The number of BA roles available is beyond your control.  The key is to maximise your chances of getting your chance of landing one of them….”


Read the rest of the article by clicking the link below:


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