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Stakeholder Management (Video)

As Business Analysts, it’s normal for us to interact with a wide range of stakeholders on our projects. Actively engaging with and managing our stakeholders is incredibly important, as it can increase the likelihood of success in our projects.

At the recent IIBA conference, I gave a short presentation on Stakeholder Management.  It is in the style of a Pecha Kucha – so it has 20 slides, each of which appears for 20 seconds.   I have provided an online version of the presentation (complete with sound) below.

The presentation covers stakeholder identification, analysis and management.  It also discuss informal (as well as formal) engagement techniques.  I hope you find this useful!

Please let me know what you think of the presentation, both in terms of the content but also the style.

Do you have any tips relating to Stakeholder Management or Stakeholder Engagement? If so, please reply to the post below.

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