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Professional development tip: Keep a project journal

I’m pleased to say that my most recent blog article has been published on “”, where I have contributed as a “guest author”.    I’d love to hear what you think, so please feel free to make a comment on the site, or contact me directly! Here is an excerpt and link:


“One of the single biggest ways we develop as BAs is through the work that we carry out day-to-day, and I have found that keeping a project journal is an incredibly useful professional development tool.  It can be tempting to move straight from project to project without taking any time to reflect on what has been learned, but consciously recording relevant information in a journal (acronyms, terminology, lessons learned etc) can be an effective way of crystallising knowledge and storing it for future use.   This can become excellent reference material if you work on a similar project in the future.  The act of reflecting on your progress and recording it, is useful in itself, as it helps you to consolidate your knowledge and consider what you might do differently in future. It can also be useful to review the journal periodically, to reflect on previous projects and ensure any knowledge is carried forward.”

…… Read the rest of the article by clicking on the link below.

If you like the article, and are considering keeping a project journal yourself, you will find a free Excel template on the downloads page.

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