RACI, Stakeholder Management & Airline Turbulence

Would *you* be surprised if a pilot asked you whether it was safe to fly?

I travelled on an internal flight to Edinburgh recently and it was foggy and raining. It was a little turbulent, but I’m pleased to say that we landed safely. As a passenger, I was a very important “stakeholder” of the airline, but they did not ask me if it was a good idea to fly or not. The decision was (quite rightly) made without consulting me, and I took it on trust that those responsible had made the right decision.

Stakeholder management is an important part of any project. There will usually be many interested parties who need to be represented. An effective way of categorising these stakeholders can be to use a RACI matrix, arranging them into the following groups against each milestone or deliverable:

Stakeholder Management (Video)

As Business Analysts, it’s normal for us to interact with a wide range of stakeholders on our projects. Actively engaging with and managing our stakeholders is incredibly important, as it can increase the likelihood of success in our projects. At the recent IIBA conference, I gave a short presentation on Stakeholder Management.  It is in… 

Owning your professional development: 6 Tips to become a Reflexive Change Practitioner

As Business Analysts, we are professional change practitioners.  We are experts in the field of “change” and should expect to add maximum value to the organisations we work for.  To be effective in this role I believe we must manage change in our own professional development and stay up to date with industry and BA… 

BA Quicktips : Time Management

As business analysts, it’s essential that we manage time effectively. I’m sure we’ve all worked on projects when there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Not only do we need to manage our own time, but we also need to make the most of the time available with our users or other business stakeholders. This can be a tough call sometimes

The danger of going native! Can you get too close to the business?

As business analysts, it’s essential that we work closely with our business stakeholders. Whether we’re working on strategy, feasibility or requirements, this closeness often helps to ensure that we gain a real and detailed understanding of the problems that our stakeholders face. In some cases we might try and completely immerse ourselves in the world of the business user by co-locating with them or even by going “client side” (which might sometimes be referred to as “going native”).

“Who needs a BA anyway?” : Tips to build credibility with business stakeholders

Over the past few months, I’ve spoken to a number of my peers who work in different companies and different industries who have been facing a similar set of challenges.  A common problem in the project world seems to be that some business stakeholders just don’t understand the role of a BA.  In a worse… 

Project Fatigue can kill your chances of delivering! Tips for dealing with it.

I’d hazard a bet that we’ve all been there. We’ve all worked on that project, the one which seems to go round in circles with hundreds of false starts, changes of approach and seemingly endless issues to manage. After six months the team is making slow but significant process…  yet team members seem completely burned out!…