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Adrian Reed

Innovate to survive

As any Business Analyst will tell you, “change” is essential for just about any business to survive. Organisations need to be constantly innovating, ensuring that they are delivering the precise goods and services that their customers want, need, demand and desire. The trouble is, change can be scary. It can threaten norms and values that… 

Do *you* look beyond 80/20?

The ’80/20′ rule is cited and used in many business and project contexts. This is useful as a ‘rule of thumb’, but real insight can be gained by looking beyond the simple proportions of 80/20.

How easy is it to collaborate in *your* organisation?

The concept of “work” just isn’t the same as it was ten or twenty years ago.  More and more of us work in geographically dispersed teams, and home working certainly seems more common.  Alongside this, new tools and technologies are emerging which help people to communicate quickly and effectively, wherever they are located.  But why… 

Taking the customer’s viewpoint

I think every Managing Director, CEO and business owner should pose as a customer at least once every quarter.  They should see their business from the cold light of the outside world, and they will start to see their organisations strengths and weaknesses from where it really matters – the customer’s vantage point. I had…