December 2016

‘And Then The Magic Happens’: What BAs Can Learn From The World of Magic

  • Adrian Reed 
  • 2 min read

I’m very pleased to say that my recent presentation at the BA Conference Europe entitled ‘And Then The Magic Happens’: What BAs Can Learn From The World of Magic was recorded.   You can view the presentation below, complete with slides and audio — in total it’s just over 45 minutes long. I hope you find the… 

What Can A Smashed Car Window Teach Us About Business Analysis?

It is funny how seemingly unrelated events can trigger thoughts and reflections on very different topics.  I recently experienced this when setting out for a fairly short journey in my car.  It was an ordinary Saturday morning, cold but sunny, and I took the short walk from my house to where my car was parked.  As I suspect happens to most of us in these situations, I was lost in my thoughts—thinking about the errands I had to run that day, thinking about plans for the evening and mulling over a few other projects that I’m involved with.  I was enjoying the fact it was sunny, even in December.


Broken Car WindowSuddenly my attention was drawn elsewhere, and my mind focussed on the car.  As I approached it, something didn’t look right.  As I got closer, my instinct was confirmed and I could see that a window had been broken.