June 2012

Stack of old hardcover books

From Business Rules to Business Values

Stack of old hardcover books

Is it time to throw out the rule-book?

Few would argue that over the past ten years the pace of change has increased significantly in business.  Now more than ever, businesses need to be ready to respond to customers at the time and place that is most convenient for the customer.  Customers want to be treated as individuals, want a personalised service, and want to buy products and services to meet their individual needs.  In such a fast moving and dynamic economy, successful organisations recognise that innovation comes from all levels of the organisation – senior management have no monopoly on ideation and innovation!


A recent study by IBM showed that CEOs in Mid Market organisations recognise this shift. The study showed that CEOs also recognise a pressure for openness and transparency within their organisations.  The study concludes that employees need to be empowered to collaborate and innovate, and stresses the importance of shared organisational values.


This pressure for continuing innovation, with a backdrop of openness is extremely significant.  Many organisations are built (either intentionally or unintentionally) around policies, mandates and rules.  Employees follow procedures and processes, and in some organisations, anyone challenging or questioning those policies might be considered as troublemakers.  In some organisations, any kind of variation from the mandated procedure is severely frowned upon (even if it’s in the customer’s and business’ best interest!).

The IT threat that could kill your growing company

Threats aren't always signposted

I hazard a guess that if you were to hear the phrase “IT threat”, you would immediately think of viruses, worms, malware and fraud.  All of these present a real threat to businesses, but what if I were to tell you that there is a threat that is just as significant that is hardly ever mentioned?  A threat that can cause companies to stagnate, lose money, and become unable to keep up with their competitors.  A threat that is of particular relevance to growing and mid-size companies who are intending to expand their IT estate.


The threat I’m writing about is very real.  It causes governments and companies of all size to lose money. The symptoms are easy to observe, but the root-cause of the threat is hidden and insidious. Although the symptoms appear IT related, the root-cause is very much a human problem.  What is the threat I’m referring to?  I call it the glossy brochure illusion.  Let me explain….


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Five ways to break the “no experience = no BA job” vicious cycle

I’m pleased to say that my most recent blog article has been published on “Bridging-the-gap.com”, where I have contributed as a guest author. I’d love to hear what you think, so please take a look and add a comment on the site.   Excerpt: “If you’re an aspiring Business Analyst who hasn’t yet attained your…