April 2012

Treadmills, coffee and error messages!

I was travelling on business a few weeks ago, and was fortunate enough to be staying in a hotel that had a gym.  One morning I was using a treadmill, when I inadvertently dislodged the safety key (this sort of thing often happens when I try to function before the first coffee of the day!)

As you’d expect, once the safety key was dislodged, the treadmill stopped. Trouble was, I didn’t immediately realise what I had done. The lack of caffeine was clearly affecting my neurons! I looked at the treadmill’s digital display for help — and the error message displayed was ambiguous to say the least.  I thought I’d share a photo with you:


A treadmill with a digitial display showing the word "True"

Error messages can be confusing!


The treadmill’s digital display showed the word “True”.  I have no idea what this means — perhaps “True” is the result of a logical test, or perhaps it’s the name of the manufacturer of the treadmill.  Perhaps it was a homage to the 1980’s Spandau Ballet song of the same name.  Either way to an end-user, without any context it doesn’t mean anything at all.

Announcement: Adrian will be speaking at the Business Analysis Conference Europe, 2012

I am extremely pleased to announce that I’ll be speaking at the Business Analysis Conference Europe 2012.  The conference will be held in London from 24-26 September and my presentation is entitled “From Scepticism to Advocacy: Proving the Value of the BA Role“.  I have some really useful case-study material that I’m excited to be… 

Woman practicing Tae Kwan Doe kic

The importance of Proactivity, Reactivity and Data

The word “proactive” seems to be in increasing use within the business world, and “proactivity” is often seen as must-have attribute of any serious business leader.  By being proactive, a leader can foresee potential future problems, avoid them, and be one step ahead of their reactive competitors.  It is often suggested that reactivity is somehow… 

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How to Use Your Customer Service Skills to Land a Business Analyst Job

I’m pleased to say that my most recent blog article has been published on “Bridging-the-gap.com”, where I have contributed as a guest author.    I’d love to hear what you think, so please take a look and add a comment on the site.   Excerpt:   Did you have a part time job when you were… 

7 questions all midsize businesses should ask before buying IT

In my previous article, I referred to the theory of Schumpeter and described how growing organisations can become “dinosaurs” that seem unable to respond to market needs.  In this article, I am going to describe one specific cause of this paralysis – IT.   Some organisations find themselves unable to move quickly because their IT…