February 2012

Chopping Axe

If your project is a turkey, kill it early

Right, I might be branded a heretic, but I’m going to say it.

Organisations that deliver every project that they kick off (with the project’s scope intact) are either extremely lucky, extremely risk averse, or extremely misguided.

This sounds like a contrarian view, and may even sound a little controversial.  In fact, you might (quite logically) be thinking that an organisation that delivers every project is in fact extremely successful. I beg to differ….


Chopping Axe

Bad projects should be axed sooner rather than later!

As all of us who have worked on projects know, it’s extremely difficult to accurately estimate the costs and benefits at the very outset.  Whether your project is agile or waterfall, the reality is that you’ll get a much better understanding of scope, benefits and costs as the project progresses.  However well-intentioned the project, you might find that it’s just not feasible once you’ve “opened the hood” and had a better look inside.