‘And Then The Magic Happens’: What BAs Can Learn From The World of Magic

I’m very pleased to say that my recent presentation at the BA Conference Europe entitled ‘And Then The Magic Happens’: What BAs Can Learn From The World of Magic was recorded.   You can view the presentation below, complete with slides and audio — in total it’s just over 45 minutes long.

I hope you find the video useful and enjoyable.  Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see the magic tricks I performed–and you might find the audio in the recording is a little patchy–but if you’ve ever wondered what Business Analysis and Magic have in common, this is a presentation you’ll love to watch!


Here is a brief summary of the session:

On projects, it often feels like our stakeholders expect us to be magicians.  They expect us to carry out high quality work with far less time and resources than we really need.  We have a broad and varied toolkit, but sometimes it feels like we need some real magic to make our projects work.

But what if we really could use magic?  Or at least the techniques from a magician’s toolbox?

In this interactive session Adrian Reed explains how a chance meeting with a Magician challenged the way he thought about Business Analysis.   You’ll hear:

  • A range of techniques from magic, conjuring and mentalism that have parallel applications in the world of business analysis
  • The importance of audience management, and what this means for BAs
  • How to avoid “magic for magicians” (or “analysis for analysts”)

You’ll take away practical tips and techniques, whilst seeing some magic tricks too.


I hope you find the presentation useful and enjoyable, and if you do, be sure to subscribe.  

Kind regards,

Adrian Reed





What Can A Smashed Car Window Teach Us About Business Analysis?

It is funny how seemingly unrelated events can trigger thoughts and reflections on very different topics.  I recently experienced this when setting out for a fairly short journey in my car.  It was an ordinary Saturday morning, cold but sunny, and I took the short walk from my house to where my car was parked.  As I suspect happens to most of us in these situations, I was lost in my thoughts—thinking about the errands I had to run that day, thinking about plans for the evening and mulling over a few other projects that I’m involved with.  I was enjoying the fact it was sunny, even in December.


Broken Car WindowSuddenly my attention was drawn elsewhere, and my mind focussed on the car.  As I approached it, something didn’t look right.  As I got closer, my instinct was confirmed and I could see that a window had been broken.

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